Welcome to TreaShare, the world’s premier Blockchain-powered Art Investment Platform that removes the complexity of investing in art.


A square cm of a master piece


Tradable tokens on the Blockchain


Your profit in the final art auction


At TreaShare, we introduce simplicity to investing in art. We are the world’s first art investing platform that provides a complete service package. For generations, investing in art has been a privilege only available to a select few, willing to hire art advisors and pay exorbitant amounts. That changes now.

Our team of experienced art advisors handpicks the best art investment options, limiting them to high-value art with a proven track history. An initial coin offering (ICO) is held for every art piece, where the cryptocoins represent a square centimeter of the art piece on the blockchain. Our advisors set a recommended time during which the tokens of the art piece can be traded with high liquidity. After the agreed upon time period, the final sale materializes the profits through an auction. The smart-contract allows for a simple exchange between tokens and currency. The digitalization of art onto the distributed ledger technology allows for an unprecedented level of tradability in the art market, thereby joining other innovators and visionaries such as the inventor of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nxt, Omni, Neo and other pioneers in the crypto space.